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Thursday, June 19, 2003
Ahh yes. The final update about system down time... Well, it turns out I am moving for sure. All my services will be down for quite some time. Apparently, I cannot use the same service where I am moving to. Therefore, I'm going to have to shut all of it down and restart from somewhere else. I am, however, attempting to have email and stuff hosted on another machine so users won't lose that service at least. HOPEFULLY that goes as planned. If not, I apologize to anyone I can no longer supply services for. *sighs* But, the servers will be back up eventually. I just need time to get myself situated and established. I guess what I've been trying to say this entire time is... If, for some reason, the servers go down out of nowhere... THAT'S THE CAUSE! Just so ya' know. 'Tis all for now. Not sure if there will be many more updates to this page before everything is down. So, so long everyone! It's been a good run. Until next time, keep it straight and don't be stupid.

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