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Wednesday, June 04, 2003
Only read this if you care about what happens here. Otherwise, ignore this post and your ridiculous attempt at life. Give up and buy a ticket to hell. For those of you that DO care, read as follows...

This site will most likely be down for a while due to me moving out of my current residence. Thus, leaving this un-visited, un-interesting, rotten site to sit in it's own filth. If, in fact, it does go down for an extended period of time, it is because my current service isn't available in my newly found area(I'm still looking into this). So, keep your little booties on and I'll update again once I know exactly what's up. For those of you that want to ask questions or inform me of anything, feel free to mail me any time. 'Tis all for now. Thanks for visiting and behave, "Littl-uns"!

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