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Saturday, January 17, 2004
Hi people. So, this website has moved servers. Which is nice in my opinion. No more haggling with poopy bandwidth. If you find anything missing or are getting errors, don't be afraid to email me and let me know. Otherwise, I may never find out(Bastards).

Anyway, I spoke to a friend that was recently in a fairly bad car accident. He is alright and everything, but the car is trash. Turns out a kid that owed me quite a few decent sized dollars was also in the car. He got a bit mangled. Nothing serious from what I've been told, but nonetheless hospitalized for a while. Few internal problems and lots of bumps and bruises. I never wish bad stuff to happen to people I guess, but this dude basically deserves it. I, of course, will not mention any names. However, anyone who knows me and reads this will know who it is. Ha! Anyway, I have some pictures taken of the car after the accident. You can click here to see them if you'd like. And they are always available via the "Images" section of this site.

Thanks for visiting. Hopefully I start getting some hits soon. This is poo-poo. \o/

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