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Monday, October 25, 2004
Just to keep everyone up to date with how the MySpace.com "survey" is going...

Earlier yesterday, I reached over 100 friends in my Friends List. And yes! They are all girls (except 3-4 but those are my real friends). Anyway, I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from all of them. I even managed to get my picture up for ranking (Thanks Nids) and it too isn't rated as bad as I thought it would be. So, frankly, I'm a bit shocked. I can only think of two things that would cause something like this:

One: For some reason 90% of the women in the world prefer a somewhat large, red-headed, UNIX geek with glasses as their friends and soulmates...


Two: The world as we know it has abolished the existence of the "ugly" appearance and personality.

I HIGHLY doubt the latter due to the fact that I know some seriously ugly people (Both physically and mentally). So, 90% of the women MUST be loving the UNIX geeks now! Computer geeks world-wide; pat yourselves on the back. We did it!

Now, for the fun stuff. In the last few days I've been doing this "survey", like I had mentioned before, I've recieved lots of messages. Therefore, I figured you people would want to see the more funny ones. So, here is the funniest message I've recieved thus far:

This next one is a post I created in someone else's comment section. This person claims to be Christina Aguilera. Yet this very same person is online ALMOST 100% of every day. So, I figured it was "Time to play!":

That's all. More to come (I hope). Keep it real. Peace out, Gangstas.

Janky Jay III

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