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Tuesday, May 27, 2003
Ok i thought i would mention a few things...
I would just like everyone to know that in images/friends Sandy's hits are "engineered" to say the least. Where as mine (Lee) are genuine. I'm cool, shes not.
Ok well im off to the forums now. So i'll see you there!

Monday, May 26, 2003
Well I thought someone should break the ice eh? Justin has been working pretty hard to get this site up and going. And its looking pretty damn good now. Make sure you check out the forums, always good for a laugh. Or post your own comment or idea and see what everyone else thinks. On that note there is a nice little poll going in the Debates section of the Forums. Britney vs Christina. So get in there and vote for your favourite skank...I mean slut....I mean....whatever you wanna call them. We all know they are good for a perv and their singing abilities.....somewhat questionable. So check out the site and feel free to email or post your ideas / comments in the forums. Chow.

'Tas been a few days now and I'm wondering if anyone I've allowed to post is ever going to... *shrug* Anyways, I keep going through awkward fazes on how I want the site to look. If, for some reason, you visit this page and the damn thing is all screwed up... I'm probably just messing with it and it'll be back to normal in a couple moments. Again, if anyone has any ideas on what they'd like to see or would NOT like to see, go ahead and mail me and I'll see what I can do. Or, you can always use the forum area for that, along with many other things. Especially babbling about absolutely nothing... AND HELP! Don't forget help! If you need help of any kind, don't be afraid to ask in the forum's Help section. Bah. I guess this is just another useless, rotten, drowned in my own feces post! I have nothing to say except the usual. Thanks for visiting and be sure to wander back soon for more goodies.

Saturday, May 24, 2003
Okay. Now that everything is up and running correctly, expect to see more posts here and on the forums. Thanks to Jewish Curtis, we might actually get some intellectually stimulating posts. Thanks Curtis! Anyways, I'm off. Enjoy and thanks for visiting.

Well, I have gotten Blogger to work so updates to this place should be MUCH easier now. I have also allowed several others to make posts on this page to keep it interesting. Hopefully they get off their asses and do something with these priviledges. Otherwise, they'll be stricken down by my fist like my meat on a slow Sunday afternoon. Anyways, thanks for visiting and be sure to come back soon for more good times!