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Wednesday, July 14, 2004
Ah yes. Time for the British Open Championship or what some refer to as just The Open Championship. Whatever the case may be, I had to place bets with fellow friends and family. So, what happens is we each pick one person at a time(first pick is decided by flipping a coin) and hope that person wins. If none of our picks win, whichever person is highest on the leader board at the end of the forth round wins. So, if someone picks Tiger Woods to win the British Open and he ends up being tied for 5th at the end, he wins! As long as that pick beats someone else's pick that's tied 6th or lower anyway. And, of course, the prize isn't anything all that grand. However, it does consist of "losers" taking "winner" out to dinner wherever "winner" decides to go. So, here are the picks thus far and most likely this is it:

My father: Phil Mickelson, Sergio Garcia
Our friend Marshal: Vijay Singh, Tiger Woods
Myself: Ernie Els, Davis Love III

Note: I thought we were going to pick three(3) players each hence the reason I didn't get my last pick and was snaked in the end by my father for Sergio Garcia.

Anyway, wish me luck! I sure could go for some Buca Di Beppo or something of that nature.

Janky Jay III

Friday, July 09, 2004
Wowzers it's been a while. I figured while I was updating the page, I might as well update the blogs too, huh? So, what's been up lately with all you so called "Loyal Fans"... Pfft. I haven't been getting hits lately, man! What gives?! Am I a boring bitch? Do I need to update more? Fill me in. Let me know whatcha' wanna see. I'll be more than happy to find stupid shit or useful shit, etc... I just need to know what I'm looking for. What makes the public happy? I'm going to run for President of The United Anus one day so I need to know these things.

So, the fucking Forum is still up and waiting for decent posts. Little bit of visitor humor maybe? I dunno. Some day, someone will use it. It'll be incredible! You'll see.. And you'll think to yourselves, "Why the fuck couldn't it have been ME that made that post... *head shakes*"(except the person that posted of course).

Anyway, I'm outta here. I'll keep in touch and do what I can to keep this up-to-date. Catch yah' later, folks.

Janky Jay III