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Friday, August 12, 2005
Pumped and Humped

Ah yes. The first post since February! Can you believe that horse crap?! Sheesh. Talk about falling off.

To begin, I'm just updating because no one has in so painfully long that I was developing some sort of antipostophobia (I'm sure that's not a real word. But, I'll submit it to urbandictionary.com at some point). The web site has changed a lot lately so I'm waiting to hear about the results. In the mean time, I'm going to add a few more people to the blogger list just to keep things moving. You see, once you and your friends begin aging like everyone else, you all begin to get "busy". Busy with work, busy with looking for work, busy with a significant other, etc... Being this "busy" seriously cuts down on the time you once used to get yourself involved in some good old fashioned Tom Foolery. But alas, in the end, there is no time for anything. Especially web updates or keeping others informed. Not to mention keeping the site viewers the least bit entertained. Pfft.

Anyhow, keep your eyes peeled for new posts by new blogger members. If, by chance, you feel you could donate worth while blogs to TKC, feel free to contact myself or any of the other TKCNet officials (Hah!) by email. Or you could simply use the TKC Forums to contact us.

I think I'll stop now.

Thanks for visiting.

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