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Monday, February 16, 2004
So it seems the Windows source code has been illegally released. I, for one, am not so sure that this is such a great idea. Being as almost everyone and their mother can most likely get their hands on the code somehow(IRC, FTP, or just Warez in general). This could pose a serious threat to our world as a whole.

Apparently, Windows just went ahead and left all the bug mentions in their code for other Windows program/application developers to work with while the code was passed around. NOT a good idea. I can see that they never really had to worry about it with the source code never released. But, how could they just assume that no one would every crack that? That's what bothers me the most I suppose.

So now, you have to get to thinking about protection. Not only your own, but others who use Windows as well. I'm not even a Windows user. But, I know that a majority of internet businesses and standard computer owners are. How are we to protect ourselves against malicious users that can code halfway decent? How are we going to hold off another country if they decide to attack America's computers with their newly found knowledge of how NOT secure Windows is? What if the person/people that cracked this code have had it for ages and created many, MANY different virus's/backdoors/exploits before they even released it? This could be a very scary thing if you think about it. I've started a thread on the forum for this issue which can be found here. Feel free to post whatever you want about it. I'd like to know what other think about this issue.

Keep your head up and log everything! \o/

Wednesday, February 04, 2004
Well, I was bored amongst other things this morning, so I decided to look into the "Janet's Nipple - Halftime Show" from the recently past Super Bowl. I happened to catch that part of the half-time show with a few friends, but we thought nothing of it. "There must have beena cover or something..", "No way. That couldn't be real...", etc... However, a little bit of googling and some semi-decent luck has lead me to the fact that it really WAS Janet's nipple/boobie on the half-time show. I was pretty surprised to say the least. So, I collected a few images for proof and have posted them in this topic. Pretty cool, huh? If anyone feels the need to comment on this, you can do it HERE. Anyway, enjoy the images and forum. Until next time, "See ya' space cowboy.".

Janet's Nippy-poo!Janet's Nippy-poo!Janet's Nippy-poo!Janet's Nippy-poo!

AND, just to let you know, I also found a video of the nipple-slip you can download right HERE! Enjoy!